Images Immaculate Conception High School Recognition Board of Fame


Intrinsic motivation through praise from a very early stage in life, contributes to the development of awareness and self-esteem amongst our children. It is for that reason that the Executive Committee of the Home School Association decided to create a forum for recognition of excellence amongst our girls at the Immaculate Conception High School.


The Board of Fame will encourage and recognize girls who have displayed outstanding performance in Academics, Sporting activities, Arts including Performing Arts and Music competitions as well as those who have demonstrated stalwart participation in Charitable and Community Outreach Programmes. It will make room for other girls to join in acknowledging their school or classmate's achievement, whilst as onlookers, motivating them to be the best in whatever pursuits come their way, whilst giving back to the less privileged during the course of life.


Entry for the Board of Fame, may come from school board members, parents, teachers, guardians or even the students themselves, who are free to nominate their own school or class mate. Entries must comprise a cover letter and supporting evidence of the achievement to the school principal's, the Chair of the HSA Selection Committee.

Entries must be received by the first Monday of each month and can be accepted by e-mail to the school principal's e-mail address, or her designated Vice Principals.


The HSA Selection Committee will be looking for the following:

  • Internal achievements such as the school's honour roll, sports day and other ICHS driven competitions do not meet the criteria
  • Achievements must be at the National or International levels, such as inter-school competitions (e.g. School' Challenge, Champs, Swimming) and or individual competitions at these levels,( e.g. Scripps Awards)
  • The nominee for Charitable and or Community Outreach must be demonstrably successful in external Programmes that are also operating at the National or International levels
  • The nominee must have a clean school track record, as it relates particularly to discipline
  • The nominee must be currently attending the school, as past students will not be eligible

Sponsorship & Administration

The Recognition Board of Fame has been sponsored by the school's Home School Association and the secretariat will assist with the administration of photos and details for the recognition. Achievers will remain on the Board of Fame for no less than one (1) but not more than three (3) months.