Images Our Classroom Life

Class Spirit

The standard of excellence achieved by a class depends on the effort and co-operation of each girl in that class with her Home-Room Teacher, Subject Teachers, Grade Captain, Prefects, Co-ordinator and the other members of her class. Interest should be shown in all grade and school activities by active participation, in order to develop the virtues and good qualities necessary in the formation of a good citizen and a Christian character.

To develop this spirit of unity, co-operation and mutual responsibility, spiritual help is provided by class Celebrations of the Eucharist as well as the Sacrament of Reconciliation which are arranged by the Religious Education Department. There is also a full Home-Room period each week with the Grade Mistress as well as a monthly session with the grade prefect.

The Home-Room Teacher

Each Home-Room is supervised by a Home Room Teacher, whose duty it is to guide and counsel the girls under his/her care particularly during their weekly Home-Room Period. He/She also helps to maintain in his/her class a high standard of discipline and class spirit.

Lockers and Cupboards

Each girl is given a locker in which she may leave her books and bag which she will not be using the day. She may leave books which are not needed overnight in the lockers, but nothing should be left in the desk after dismissal.

Cupboards are provided in each classroom for storing general classroom belongings. Each girl may bring her own hasp and staple as well as padlock for her locker. Teachers are not to allow students to go to lockers/cupboards during class.

The Grade Captain

For the post, a member of the class who is considered to be a responsible leader is chosen by her classmates with the approval of her teachers. Aided by her Home-Room Teacher, and by her own good example, she strives to lead her classmates in proper order and discipline, particularly between class periods and in the absence of a teacher at any other time.

She also assists and directs the performance of class duties and the general neatness and tidiness of the classroom and surrounding areas. She may recommend any classmate for punishment, whenever necessary. The grade captain also has the responsibility of reporting the number of students present in her class to the Coordinator by the end of the roll call after lunch each day.

The Grade Prefect

A Prefect is appointed to each class to act as a guide, helping the girls to understand, appreciate and observe the school rules and regulations, and assisting the girls in carrying out the various projects planned by the Student Council for the improvement of students in conduct and in striving to achieve the ideals and goals of the school. The girls may also discuss with the grade prefect any problems or difficulties they may wish pertaining to school life in general.

The Grade Co-Ordinator

Each set of grades also has a co-ordinator, who is a senior Teacher appointed to see to the smooth and efficient functioning of the classes under her jurisdiction, as well as to inspire a spirit of co-operation and unity among all the classes in her particular grade through special activities and block meetings. Letters of excuses for absence and for special permissions are presented by students to her.