Images Peter Phillips visit to Immaculate

The Honourable Dr. Peter Phillips addressed approximately 300 students on Wednesday, November 13 at 8:00am, representing the Kingston and St. Andrew Development and Homecoming Foundation’s leadership program. He spoke about his early years as a student and his foray into the field of politics. The students who were drawn from were engaged and at the end of the presentation asked brilliant questions which included:

1. Climate change - plans

2. Job Opportunities for Youth

3. Best practices in the world, citing Singapore's economy

4. Use of lands which are undeveloped.

5. Tertiary Education - Costs

6. Entrepreneurship

The students were extremely invested in the discussion and stayed until the very end. They represented their school very well. 

The Honourable Dr. Phillips was impressed at the scholarly level of the questions asked by the students and commented on it at the end.’

-Mrs Faith McCook, Dean of Academics

Peter Phillips

Peter Phillips 2