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The day’s proceedings began at 8:30am with the inter-house Cheerleading competition. This was hosted by our very own versatile and effervescent master of ceremonies Mrs Sonia Lee.

The competition was judged by Mr Shalto Stanley, Mr Oshane Bryant, Ms Camille Wint and the chief judge was Grandmaster Bryan Campbell.

All seven houses had given a captivating and invigorating performance. The competition was stiff, however, by just four points, Davidica was crowned the overall victor here are the placements for the competition:

Results for inter-house cheerleading (points):

1st - Davidica     219 

2nd - Immaculata 215 

3rd - Tekakwitha      209 

4th - St. Clare 208

5th - Rose of Lima  201 

6th - Franciscan    175 

7th - Joan of Arc   171

At approximately 9:45 the entire school was lead from the patio to the field by the Franklyn Town Primary marching band.

The festivities continued as our first event featured the hurdles. Some of the days highlight included a newly introduced event the teachers’ shuttle race which featured the pink pocket rocket from Rose of Lima, Ms Reniece Clarke, and the male teachers were not to be outdone in their 70m dash in which Mr Haughton was unchallenged as he jogged across the finish line long before the rest of the field. 

All seven houses represented themselves well but St Tekakwitha emerged the undisputed champions of yet another sports day leading the rest of the pack by 34 . Here are the results and placements for the event:

Placements and points for inter-house sports day competition 

1st place Tekakwitha      864

2nd place Franciscan       830

3rd place Rose of Lima 783

4th place St. Clare            763 

5th place Davidica            745 

6th place Immaculata     610

7th place Joan of Arc      598

The event was truly a success and would not have been possible without our athletes, the officials who volunteered, concessionaires such as bad dawg, pepperwood,snow cones provided by party king. We also are beholden to those teachers, administrative and ancillary staff who worked tirelessly behind the scenes.

Additional Information on our esteemed judges:

Shalto Stanley - 

* American Association of Cheerleading Coach 

* National Gymnastics Coach

* CCA International Cheerleading Judge.

Oshane Bryant

* President and Founder of "Oshane Bryant Fitness"

* CCA International Cheerleading Judge/Coach 

Camille Wint - 

*CCA International Cheerleading Timekeeper and Penalty Judge.

Grandmaster Bryan Campbell

* President of Caribbean Cheerleading Association

* America Association of Cheers and Stunts Coach

*International Cheerleading Judge

* Grandmaster of Martial Arts.

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