Images Our Student Council

The Head-girl and deputy, the seven House Captains and the Prefects form the executive Body of the Student council and numbers seventy (70) approximately. The rest of the Council is made up of the captain of each grade. The members of the Student Council help maintain discipline at all times and act as liaison between the student body and Administration.

The Prefects takes turn keeping order in the cafeteria during the lunch period, keeping the corridors clear for traffic in the mornings and the line orderly at the bus stop after school.

Prefects may give Order Marks and /or detentions as necessary. The Grade captains, however, may not give order marks but are bound in conscience and honour to report the misconduct of any girl to the teacher who will note the necessary punishment. Each Prefect has assigned to her a grade for which she acts as counselor and works with the Grade Captain and girls in consultation with Homeroom teachers and Co-ordinator.

At General Student council Meetings, each Grade captain gives a report of her grade. Any student or group of students who have grievances to air or suggestions to make may legitimately do so through her Grade captain or prefect assigned to her Grade.

A Disciplinary Committee has been setup to investigate and interview students who receive a Demerit. The committee also monitors students who may need individual help and has the authority to impose and collect fines as it sees fit.