Images Reverence for God

We value and promote reverence for God as Creator and Living Force, in and with us at every moment.

Images Reverence for Self

Recognizing ourselves as God's handiwork we are motivated to be dignified, responsible for our own well-being accepting of ourselves, self-discipline, joyful and good.

Images Reverence for Others

Beginning from the premise that God created all things good, we recognize the intrinsic value and potential of others and treat them with respect regardless of circumstances. This leads us to be compassionate, hospitable, forgiving and caring.

Images Reverence for Environment

We recognize that God has given us the wonderful gift of the world and that we are entirely dependent on the environment for every aspect of our existence. We therefore act out of the belief that it is vital for each person to help keep the air clean, the water pure and the land verdant and healthy.

Images Reverence for Honesty

In believing in the value of truth, we seek to promote purity of thought, word and deed in our everyday lives.