Images Our Vision

An environment where goodness and honesty are exemplified and promoted, where excellence is encouraged and the potential of each individual is patiently nurtured, ensuring an enriching educational experience which in turn generates competent, virtuous and happy citizens.

Images Our Mission

We, the members of the Immaculate Conception High School family, inspired by the zeal and love of the early founders of this institution, are called to continue the important ministry of teaching which the Franciscan Sisters from Glasgow began in Kingston in 1858. We are committed to the total education of young ladies of high school age and seek to provide an enriching environment where Christian values are promoted and exemplified and where excellence is encouraged.

We believe that reverence for God, self, others and the environment is essential in today's society and we therefore dedicate our effort towards fostering this value which we hope will in turn generate competent, virtuous and happy citizens who will actively contribute to the general upliftment of people everywhere.