The Immaculate Conception High School Alumnae was formed in March 1932. Its main objectives are:

  1. To Foster the Interest of ICHS in past students.
  2. To keep graduates in close and constant contact with each other and with the school.
  3. To assist their Alma Mater and other charitable and educational institutions.

All past students of the school are eligible for membership and an application in writing addressed to the Secretary is required. The annual subscription is five hundred dollars ($500) payable in two installments. Graduates who are still studying may only pay half of the subscription.

Regular executive Meetings are held to plan and arrange the annual events which include "Alumnae Day" Mass and Communion Breakfast (in December close to the School' Patronal Feast of the Immaculate Conception). Fund-raising activities for the various social projects, and a reunion Dinner in the summer. Graduates are invited to join the Association each year at a special function held in their honour just before their graduation.