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St. Joan of Arc House

  • (8)Gimme a J! 'J!' You got a J! (2x)(8)
  • (8)Gimme an O! “O!” You got an O! (2x)(8)
  • (8)Gimme an A! 'A!' You ago an A! (2x)(8)
  • (8)Gimme an N! 'N!' You got an N! (2x)(8)
  • JOAN!!!
Our house colour is GOLD and it signifies the courage of St. Joan. House spirit is one thing that we Joan girls definitely DON’T lack. It doesn't matter if we win, lose or draw. We are devoted & supportive 100%. We boast fabulous young ladies who are more than willing to make our house the BEST. Giving their ALL when it comes to participating in house projects, activities & competitions!For the academic year 2017-2018, our executive body is as follows:
  • House Mistress:Mrs. McIntyre
  • House Captain: Jaida Browne 
  • Vice House Captain:  Katherine Brown
  • Secretary: Truddi Clarke
  • Assistant secretary: Courtney-Ann Dennis 
  • Treasurer: Britney Williams
  • Assistant treasurer: Ariel Garriques
  • Games Captain: Jamelia Gordon
  • Assistant games captain: Alexis Williams
  • Public Relation Officer: Caverna Headley
  • Assistant public relations officer: Tavia Suherland
  • Campus Minister: Cianna Lunan 
  • Assistant Campus Minister: Samantha Batchelor
  • Vibes Captain: Aliya Johnson
  • Deputy Vibes Captain: Ariana Stennet

To learn more about Saint Joan of Arcs of France, check out this spark note link! 
Here is a YouTube video entitled “St. Joan of Arc - Warrior of God (True Story)”