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ST. Rose of Lima House

The St. Rose of Lima House named after the first canonized saint in the Western Hemisphere. The colour is rose-pink and signifies joy and her inner beauty.

DECLARATION OF WINDEPENDENCERose of Lima will not be a house of paralytics this year this year. We shall be on top. We shall be as fierce as lions, cunning as foxes, graceful as swans, swift as a coursing river. We shall be great. These houses better get ready because Rose Winter is coming! We are a house of Quality not QuantityExecutive Members 2017-2018:

  • House Captain: Aliyah McDonald
  • Deputy House Captain: Monique Millwood
  • Games Captain: Samantha Chin
  • Deputy Games Captains: Ashalee Brown & Alexis Gordon-Martin
  • Public Relations Officers: Chelsea Stephens & Sidonie Gaynor
  • Treasurers: Shakeina Cobban & Shania-Ann Gray
  • Secretaries: Brittania Choy & Gabrielle McCallum
  • Outreach Ministers: Gabrielle Wood & Arielle Webb
  • Vibes Captain: Jessica Davis