Images What is Card Registration?

All payments on the Immaculate Conception High School website requires that the credit card being used completes a card registration process. Card registration is a onetime process for each credit card the user intends to utilize on our website. With card registration, we are able to reduce fraud by ensuring that the person carrying out the transaction is an authorized user of the credit card.

Images How does it work?

Registration requires the first transaction in the currency of the card for a random amount between 1.00 and 5.00 in value. The user (customer) must then get the verification amount charged to the card by contacting their financial institution. This amount is then entered in the verification confirmation phase of the card registration.

Images Is there a time limit for the card registration process?

YES, a single card registration attempt must be confirmed within 10 days after the registration transaction has started?

Images What happens to the money charged against my account during a card registration transaction?

The registration transactions are automatically voided. This means that the charges are canceled returning the funds to the card holder. Immaculate Conception High School never gets these funds.

Images How is my credit card number stored?

We store the first and last four digits of your credit card in heavily encrypted state and unreadable state. This means no one will never know your credit card number.

Images Is there a limit to the number of attempts I can make to confirm the registration?

YES. You are given three (3) attempts to confirm the verification amount charged against your card.

Images How many times can I attempt to register a credit card?

You are given five (5) attempts to register your credit card, after your five attempts has been exhausted, your credit card will be flagged as fraud. Credit cards flagged as fraud can be reverted through confirmation from the issuing financial institution.