Images Sports Areas

The limited games area is found behind the Convent and Hostel building and includes swimming pool, tennis and netball courts, the Summer House and changing rooms. This is where all sporting activities take place, except for football, hockey and lacrosse, the members of these teams find other spaces to train, including the patio.

Images Science Buildings

Five up-to-date laboratories for the teaching of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and General Science are to be found in the Science Block at the foot of the Sunken Garden. There is also a Science Research Rook on the ground floor. Three new all-purpose Science Labs are also found on the basement block and the "New" Physics Lab, which is located on the sixth form block.

Images Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry impacts the spiritual lives of all ICHS students through annual days of recollection. It is an integral part of the community life here at I.C.H.S.

Started by Franciscan Sister Grace Yap, Campus Ministry was developed from the Newman Centre idea, where students would find support for their faith by giving to the community, as an integral part of their development.

Images The Performing Arts Centre

The Performing Arts Centre is located opposite the music house. It is the home of the members of the ICHS Symphony Orchestra, where practices take place and Drama Classes for Grade 7 students are also held here.

Images The Home Economics Centre

Next to the Science block, are the 2 new home economics labs, commissioned into use September 2018. The spaces that the labs now occupy were completely cleared and the new labs completed with entirely new partitions, fittings and all other things necessary to create the two state of the art facilities that our students and staff now enjoy. This major project was spearheaded by the Toronto Chapter of ICHS Alumnae and supported by the Florida Chapter, New York Chapter, Jamaica Chapter, and ICHSAA International Chapter.

Images The Music House

Going up from the Preparatory school (toward the Performing Arts Centre) at the left is the building which houses the Music Department. Music Classes for Grades 7 & 8 students are held here and a busy after school schedule has tutors offering lessons to individual students.

Images Audio-Visual Centre

There are three audio-visual rooms fitted with folding doors to be used as single rooms or opened out as one large auditorium. This Centre is located in the basement opposite the new Art and Craft Studio.

Images The Cafeteria

To the left of the main drive way, a cafeteria is operated for the convenience of all students as well as the faculty.

Images Nurse's Station

This can be found at the entrance of the Old Science Building. Students who have fallen ill during the school hours are cared for here by the school nurse. The creation of the new state of the art fn labs necessitated the relocation of nurses station from the former location of the old fn lab to the former location of the new fn lab directly across from the staff room.

Images The School Chapel

This beautiful structure occupies a central spot between the classrooms of the old and new buildings on the second floor, serving as a constant reminder of God's presence and care in the midst of the school community.

Images The Library

This is located on the second floor opposite the School Chapel. Books which may be kept for weeks, fiction and nonfiction, reference books, are all available for the use of both teachers and students. In 201, the HASA created a reference section which is used by sixth form students and teachers.

Images The Book Store

This is situated at the end of the lower corridor of the southern block. Stationeries and other school supplies may be purchased here.

Images The Computer Rooms

These can be found in the Sixth Form Building, one adjacent to and inside of the Library, one in Room 45 on the ninth on the ninth and eighth grade block and the Basement Lab.

Images The Art Rooms

Directly above the Old Home Economic Centre is one Art Studio, Another Art and Craft studio is located at the basement level of the new Home Economics Unit.