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Davidica House

The Davidica House is named after the late Sister M. Davidica, O.S.F former Headmistress of ICHS for many years. The colour is purple and signifies self-discipline and dedication.

1,2,3,4,5, DAV, Don’t take no jive ! 6,7,8,9,10, back it up, turn around, shake yo booty and get down ! WOOSH! We are The Davidica House and win, lose or draw, we maintain our reputation as the house with all the VIBEZ ! Purple is all we see and all we’ll ever be.

Named after one of the great headmistresses in Immaculate’s history, it was inevitable that greatness would run here. Outreach, sports or house competitions we give our all. We are proud to be DAV girls, and proud that our daughters, nieces and cousins who attend this amazing school will have a chance to be a part of this great house and its traditions. WOOSH! WE’RE OUT OF SIGHT !

- Melissa-Kim Dunkley House captain (2011-2012)

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Franciscan House

The Franciscan House named after St. Francis of Assisi, founder of the Franciscan Order. The House colour is brown and signifies the humility of St. Francis.
FRAN HOUSE BOOM!!!! FRAN HOUSE BOOM!!!!! GIVE TO THEM MILLENIUM STYLE!!!!!! ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM!!!!!! The Franciscan House is a vibrant group that consists of an energetic set of young ladies who are passionate about making their house the best that it can be. Headed by a very capable executive board, the Franciscan House has done outstandingly well in the Arts and sports specifically singing, drama, dancing and netball and will continue to do well in the Arts and Sports for as long as Immaculate Conception High School is around!!!!!!
GO FRAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Immaculata House named after Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. The House colour is blue and signifies the fidelity of the Lady.

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St. Clare House

The St. Clare House is represented by the colour green, signifying growth and hope. The house was named after Saint Clare of Assisi, an Italian saint, and one of the first followers of Saint Francis of Assisi. She was inspired by Saint Francis' words, fled her life of wealth then went on to join Francis, establishing her own religious order known as the poor Clares Order.

Executive Members 2017- 2018:

  • House Captain: Robyn Murray
  • Deputy House Captain: Britney Hanson
  • Games Captain: Farrah Perrin
  • Deputy Games Captain: Jada Henry
  • Secretary: Vania Hume
  • Treasurer: Salihah Nooks
  • Public Relations Officers: Italia Nelson & Makena Johnson
  • Outreach Minister: Sarah Webster
  • Vibes Captain: Jhunelle Thompson
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St. Joan of Arc House

  • (8)Gimme a J! 'J!' You got a J! (2x)(8)
  • (8)Gimme an O! “O!” You got an O! (2x)(8)
  • (8)Gimme an A! 'A!' You ago an A! (2x)(8)
  • (8)Gimme an N! 'N!' You got an N! (2x)(8)
  • JOAN!!!

Our house colour is GOLD and it signifies the courage of St. Joan. House spirit is one thing that we Joan girls definitely DON’T lack. It doesn't matter if we win, lose or draw. We are devoted & supportive 100%. We boast fabulous young ladies who are more than willing to make our house the BEST. Giving their ALL when it comes to participating in house projects, activities & competitions!

For the academic year 2017-2018, our executive body is as follows:

  • House Mistress:Mrs. McIntyre 
  • House Captain: Jaida Browne 
  • Vice House Captain:  Katherine Brown
  • Secretary: Truddi Clarke
  • Assistant secretary: Courtney-Ann Dennis 
  • Treasurer: Britney Williams
  • Assistant treasurer: Ariel Garriques
  • Games Captain: Jamelia Gordon
  • Assistant games captain: Alexis Williams
  • Public Relation Officer: Caverna Headley
  • Assistant public relations officer: Tavia Suherland
  • Campus Minister: Cianna Lunan 
  • Assistant Campus Minister: Samantha Batchelor
  • Vibes Captain: Aliya Johnson
  • Deputy Vibes Captain: Ariana Stennet


To learn more about Saint Joan of Arcs of France, check out this spark note link! 
Here is a YouTube video entitled “St. Joan of Arc - Warrior of God (True Story)” 

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ST. Rose of Lima House

The St. Rose of Lima House named after the first canonized saint in the Western Hemisphere. The colour is rose-pink and signifies joy and her inner beauty.


Rose of Lima will not be a house of paralytics this year this year. We shall be on top. We shall be as fierce as lions, cunning as foxes, graceful as swans, swift as a coursing river. We shall be great. These houses better get ready because Rose Winter is coming! We are a house of Quality not Quantity.

Executive Members 2017-2018:

  • House Captain: Aliyah McDonald
  • Deputy House Captain: Monique Millwood
  • Games Captain: Samantha Chin
  • Deputy Games Captains: Ashalee Brown & Alexis Gordon-Martin
  • Public Relations Officers: Chelsea Stephens & Sidonie Gaynor
  • Treasurers: Shakeina Cobban & Shania-Ann Gray
  • Secretaries: Brittania Choy & Gabrielle McCallum
  • Outreach Ministers: Gabrielle Wood & Arielle Webb
  • Vibes Captain: Jessica Davis
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ST. Tekakwitha House

It’s cliche` to say, "win or lose, we are the best!" For St. Tekakwitha, we always aim for the top, and we accept nothing less than 100% effort. Devotion is an understatement! True love, loyalty and enthusiasm are what our members have for their house. Our members boast talents from across the board, whether on stage or on the field!